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Geometry data specification

Angle stores the exported geometry data to files with a “.geox” extension. The structure of geometry data is:

<geometry type=str name=str description=str0>

  <holder outerRadius=float height=float0>
    <cap thickness=float0>
      <material Holder cap material specification />
    <wall thickness=float0>
      <material Holder wall material specification />

    <absorbingLayer topThickness=float0 bottomThickness=float0
      <material Absorbing layer material specification />


Geometry type can be one of three predefined values:

  • General
  • Marinelli
  • Well

If the geometry you are specifying is for a well detector or Marinelli container, you have to specify “Well” or “Marinelli” for its type, respectively. Otherwise, use the “General” type.

If you specify the general type of geometry, you have to define the holder parameters. To do this, use the element “holder”. With two attributes of this element, you can define the holder’s outer radius and its height.

Inside the “holder” element, you have to specify two sub-elements: “cap” and “wall” – for holder cap and wall parameters. They both have one attribute: “thickness”. If the thickness is greater than zero, you will also have to specify the material.

If there are additional absorbing layers, you can define them inside the “absorbingLayers” element with up to five “absorbingLayer” sub-elements, one for each.

Attributes of the “absorbingLayer” elements (and their types) for cylindrical containers are:

  • topThickness (float0)
  • bottomThickness (float0)
  • sideThickness (float0)

The attribute “bottomThickness” is used only for the geometry for well detectors.

Each thickness attribute can be zero (float0), but not all of them at the same time.

Absorbing layer material specification must be defined inside each “absorbingLayer” element.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<angle generator="ANGLE" version="4.0" build="" units="mm">
  <geometry type="General" name="Plastic rings"
            description="Plastic rings below the container">
    <holder outerRadius="40" height="127">
      <cap thickness="3">
        <material name="Plastic" />
      <wall thickness="10">
        <material name="Plastic" />
      <absorbingLayer topThickness="0.17" sideThickness="0.17">
        <material name="Silicone" />