Angle is commercial software. Unregistered copies will work in demo mode with all functions enabled, except efficiency calculations (if you are using Angle 5 or Angle 4, you will be able to run calculations with demo detectors). This is aimed at making you familiar with the software as well as for demonstration and even teaching purposes.

In order to unlock the calculations option, registration is requested.

Angle can be freely downloaded and installed on any computer. To be able to run calculations, though, you need to register it.

The Angle license is intended to be used on a single computer. When you reinstall your computer or make some hardware changes on your computers Angle must be registered again in order to be fully operational. Therefore, we allow up to three registrations per one year. Thus, technically you can (mis)use this allowance to register Angle on three computers, but that would be a violation of the license conditions. Besides that, if doing so you would not be able to re register it in case of system change.

You can register Angle in two ways: online (automatic) and via email.

First, you have to open and fill in the Registration form by clicking on the “Register ANGLE 5” option from the “Help” ribbon tab. Mandatory fields are marked with the asterisk (“*”).

If your computer is connected to the internet simply click the “Register online” button and your copy of Angle will be registered. If not, you can register it by email. By clicking on “Register by email”, Angle will automatically create an email for you with all registration parameters. You can also copy the registration information to Clipboard by clicking the “Copy to Clipboard” button and paste it to other application (e.g. text editor). Please send us an email with the registration data from a computer with internet connection and we will send you back the unique registration number which will unlock your copy of the software. When you receive the registration number, open the registration form again, click the “Enter registration number” button and enter the registration number you received from us.

This is most probably due to security restrictions on your computer/network. For example, your antivirus/firewall software might block Angle accessing internet, or your system administrator removed some privileges. Please contact your system administrator for help or, simply, register Angle by email.

Also, depending on the internet connection you are using on your computer, it might be necessary to change the setup of the proxy server. Angle will, by default, use the proxy parameters defined in the system, but you can set parameters manually, or disable the proxy from the configuration dialog box. If you are unsure about proxy parameters, please consult your system’s administrator.

When you install Angle, it will work in demo mode. In order to unlock the calculations option, you must be registered. We will provide you with the serial number together with your license, once you obtain it.

It is not possible to “centralize” the registration – the registration of one computer will unregister a previously registered computer and you will also lose one of the limited annual registration attempts. Angle should be installed and registered on each computer separately (the number of installations depend on the number of Angle licenses you have). You can use the import and export function to easily share your parameters (e.g. for your detectors) from one computer to another.