You can define as many containers as you want. Angle has no such limitation.

In order to assist with data entry Angle – while entering/editing/reviewing the data – always displays a schematic drawing representing the data which is currently being entered. While entering the dimensions, a red dimension line is showed on the illustration indicating the required dimension. So, simply look at the schematics while entering the data.

It is always the height of the active (radioactive) substance in the container, as illustrated by two typical cases here:

No. Simply choose the container you would like to use, click “Edit”, change whatever you want, click “Save as” button and give a name to the new container.

This can also be applied to simply vary the parameters of the same container – for example, to find the optimal container size or volume.

Angle 5 allows for an even more flexible and powerful method – by utilizing its new XML-based file format and command line parameters.

Contact pin data are not critical in Angle calculations. If not specified in the datasheet, we suggest that you take some standard pin diameter and material data from the same detector manufacturer (e.g. 2 mm, copper).