Yes. Millimeters are the default unit of length, but in the configuration dialog box, you can also choose centimeters or inches.

All parameters will be preserved, because Angle automatically performs any conversion to and from the units you have selected.

Angle 5 is a multi-language application. You can easily switch among the different languages anytime, from the configuration dialog box – just select the one you prefer from the Language drop-down menu.

Yes. If you are willing to help us translate Angle strings to your language, we will gladly do it. It is not a tremendous task – about seven hundred strings, most of them just a few words long.

Yes. By default, Angle files are saved to the “ANGLE” folder, which is located in your Documents folder. Different file types are saved in a different sub-folder under this folder. This default location can be changed by clicking on the ellipsis button in the right-hand side of the “Default location for Angle files” group in the configuration dialog box.

Yes. By default, Angle will use the proxy parameters defined in your system. If you want to override these settings, in the configuration dialog box you can choose whether you want to use proxy settings defined in your operating system, use no proxy server, or to manually enter the address and port values of your preferred proxy server.