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Container data specification

Angle stores the exported container data to files with a “.conx” extension. The structure of container data is:

<container type=str name=str description=str0>

  <shape innerRadius=float sideThickness=float0
         botomThickness=float footHeight=float0
         cavityRadius=float cavityDepth=float sideInnerThickness=float0
         bottomUpperThickness=float bottomLowerThickness=float />

  <material Container material specification />

    <coating sideThickness=float0 bottomThickness=float0
             bottomUpperThickness=float0 bottomLowerThickness=float0>
      <material Coating material specification />


A container type can have one of two predefined values:

  • Cylindrical
  • Marinelli

Container dimensions are defined by the attributes of the mandatory element “shape”. Attributes depend on the container type defined. For a cylindrical container, the attributes of the “shape” element (and their types) are:

  • innerRadius (float)
  • sideThickness (float0)
  • botomThickness (float0)
  • footHeight (float)

For a Marinelli container, the attributes of the “shape” element are:

  • innerRadius (float)
  • cavityRadius (float)
  • cavityDepth (float)
  • sideInnerThickness (float0)
  • bottomUpperThickness (float)
  • bottomLowerThickness (float)

Container material is specified by the mandatory element “material” (see Material data specification).

If you want to specify coating layers for the container, you have to add the element “coatings” with up to two “coating” elements, one for each layer. The attributes of the “coating” element (and their types) for cylindrical container are:

  • sideThickness (float0)
  • bottomThickness (float0)

The attributes of the “coating” element (and their types) for Marinelli container are:

  • sideThickness (float0)
  • bottomUpperThickness (float0)
  • bottomLowerThickness (float0)

Each thickness attribute for a coating layer can be zero (float0), but not all of them at the same time.

A coating layer material must be defined inside each “coating” element.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<angle generator="ANGLE" version="4.0" build="" units="mm">
  <container type="Cylindrical" name="Coated cylinder"
             description="Cylindrical container with two coating layers">
    <shape innerRadius="160" sideThickness="2.5"
           bottomThickness="3" footHeight="0" />
    <material name="Aluminium" />
      <coating sideThickness="1E-3" bottomThickness="1E-3">
        <material name="Mylar/PET" />
      <coating sideThickness="0.12" bottomThickness="0.1">
        <material name="Plastic" />