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Calculation results data specification

Calculation results files (“.outx” extension) contain all the parameters from the calculation parameters files plus the result values and calculation time:

<detector Detector specification />

<container Container specification />

<geometry Geometry specification />

<source Source specification />

<energies Energies specification />


<referenceEfficiencyCurve REC specification />

  <result energy=float solidAngle=float solidAnglePrecision=float efficiency=float efficiencyPrecision=float />

  <nuclide name=str>
    <correction energy=float value=float branchingRatio=float correctedBranchingRatio=float />
  </nuclide >


In addition to the calculation parameters structure, the results file contains the “results” element, which holds the actual results, “cascadeSummingCorrections” element, containing the true coincidence summing correction values and “elapsedTime” element, containing the calculation time in seconds.

The calculated result for each energy is represented with one “result” sub-element of the element “results”. It contains three mandatory attributes: “energy”, “solidAngle” and “solidAnglePrecision” and two optional ones: “efficiency” and “efficiencyPrecision”. Efficiency attributes will contain the detector efficiency for the given energy and the achieved estimated precision (in percentages). If the reference efficiency curve is not specified, efficiency attributes will be omitted from the output file.

True coincidence summing corrections for each nuclide is represented with one “nuclide” sub-element of the “cascadeSummingCorrections” element, with the nuclide name as the only attribute. Each of “nuclide” elements contains one or more “correction” elements, one for each relevant energy, with four real attributes: “energy”, “value”, “branchingRatio” and “correctedBranchingRatio”.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<angle generator="ANGLE" version="4.0" build="" units="mm">
  <detector type="Closed-end coaxial HPGe" name="43-TN21827A"
            description="In Clamshell">
    <crystal height="63.8" radius="31.5" bulletizingRadius="8" />
    <core height="42.6" radius="4.55" rounded="yes" />
    <inactiveGe topThickness="0.0003" sideThickness="0.0003" />
    <contact sideThickness="0.7">
      <material name="Germanium" />
    <contactPin radius="2">
      <material name="Brass" density="8.41">
          <element symbol="Cu" massFraction="60" />
          <element symbol="Zn" massFraction="39.25" />
          <element symbol="Sn" massFraction="0.75" />
    <endCap topThickness="1" sideThickness="1">
      <material name="Aluminium" />
      <window thickness="0.5" radius="40" holeRadius="40" holderThickness="0">
        <material name="Beryllium" />
    <vacuum topThickness="7" sideThickness="8.24" />
      <sideInner thickness="0.76">
        <material name="Aluminium" />
      <sideOuter thickness="0" />
      <topLower thickness="1E-9">
        <material name="Aluminized Mylar" density="2.035">
            <element symbol="C" massFraction="31.25" />
            <element symbol="H" massFraction="2.1" />
            <element symbol="O" massFraction="16.65" />
            <element symbol="Al" massFraction="50" />
      <topUpper thickness="0" />
  <source radius="6.2" height="7.3">
    <material name="Calcium carbonate" />
  <energies name="Mixed Gamma">
    <result energy="59.5" solidAngle="2.50378218272655" />
    <result energy="88" solidAngle="2.83597906334898" />
    <result energy="122.1" solidAngle="2.87159904601627" />
    <result energy="165.9" solidAngle="2.74870442559007" />
    <result energy="279.2" solidAngle="2.46701808595213" />
    <result energy="391.7" solidAngle="2.31172003060593" />
    <result energy="661.7" solidAngle="2.10378183392979" />
    <result energy="898" solidAngle="1.97445406904723" />
    <result energy="1173.2" solidAngle="1.85295812084583" />
    <result energy="1332.5" solidAngle="1.79452898448704" />
    <result energy="1836.1" solidAngle="1.65669996398461" />
    <nuclide name="Ac-228">
      <correction energy="18.415" value="0.89394755817195" branchingRatio="0.00014" correctedBranchingRatio="0.000125152658144073" />