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Calculation precision

Angle calculations involve extensive Monte Carlo computation, based on the statistical simulation of the actual emission, attenuation and detection of photons in the counting process. Precision of these calculations is defined/set by the user, specifying the “target precision” (in percent). Higher/better precision (lower percentage) leads to longer calculations times. For a given precision, these times normally vary depending on the counting arrangement.

Calculations will proceed until the specified target precision is met for all of the specified energies.

Angle allows for the target calculation precision values between 0.1 and 5%. The selected calculation precision is displayed in the “Additional parameters” group.

To change calculation precision, click the “Calculation precision” option in the “Additional parameters” group, or choose the ribbon tab “Additional parameters” and then click the button “Change calculation precision”. In the calculation precision dialog simply enter the desired precision and click the “OK” button.

Higher (better) calculation precision (lower precision percentage) implies longer calculation times. However, new generations of computer processors allow for ever faster calculations. It is thus advisable not to “spare” on calculation precision if the corresponding calculation times are of no practical concern.