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Calculation parameters data specification

Calculation parameters files contain all the parameters needed for calculation: parameters for the detector used, container, geometry, etc. The extension of the calculation parameters files is “.savx”. The structure of the calculation parameters files is as follows:

<detector Detector specification />

<container Container specification />

<geometry Geometry specification />

<source Source specification />

<energies Energies specification />


<referenceEfficiencyCurve REC specification />

All structures in the specification above have been defined previously, except for the “precision” element, which contains single real value representing the calculation precision (in percentages).

The container, geometry and REC elements are optional (and absent in case when no container/geometry/reference efficiency curve is to be used).


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<angle generator="ANGLE" version="4.0" build="" units="mm">
  <detector type="Closed-end coaxial HPGe" name="43-TN21827A"
            description="In Clamshell">
    <crystal height="63.8" radius="31.5" bulletizingRadius="8" />
    <core height="42.6" radius="4.55" rounded="yes" />
    <inactiveGe topThickness="0.0003" sideThickness="0.0003" />
    <contact sideThickness="0.7">
      <material name="Germanium" />
    <contactPin radius="2">
      <material name="Brass" density="8.41">
          <element symbol="Cu" massFraction="60" />
          <element symbol="Zn" massFraction="39.25" />
          <element symbol="Sn" massFraction="0.75" />
    <endCap topThickness="1" sideThickness="1">
      <material name="Aluminium" />
      <window thickness="0.5" radius="40" holeRadius="40" holderThickness="0">
        <material name="Beryllium" />
    <vacuum topThickness="7" sideThickness="8.24" />
      <sideInner thickness="0.76">
        <material name="Aluminium" />
      <sideOuter thickness="0" />
      <topLower thickness="1E-9">
        <material name="Aluminized Mylar" density="2.035">
            <element symbol="C" massFraction="31.25" />
            <element symbol="H" massFraction="2.1" />
            <element symbol="O" massFraction="16.65" />
            <element symbol="Al" massFraction="50" />
      <topUpper thickness="0" />
  <source radius="6.2" height="7.3">
    <material name="Calcium carbonate" />
  <energies name="Mixed Gamma">